# Window

# Registration

A window is composed of plugins and can be registered using two ways :

  • The first and most commonly used method is to add a window configuration object when registering a plugin.
  • The second is by registering it directly on the BIMData viewer object.
const bimdataViewer = makeBIMDataViewer(/* {...} */);

const windowConfigurationObject = {
  name: "windowName",
  plugins: [
    /* plugins */

// first way: register via plugin
  /* plugin specific fields */
  window: windowConfigurationObject,

// second way: register directly

# Loading

A window can be loaded using the localContext.loadWindow(windowName) method. Notice that a string must be passed to this method, meaning that the corresponding window must be registered before.

Once loaded, the window can be accessed directly via localContext.window.

# Window API

Window and window configuration objects have the same API:

Property Description
name: string Required The name of the window. Must be unique.
label: string The label that is displayed to the user. Can be a key to be translated like : "viewer3d.window_label".
plugins: Array<string> An array of plugins name which will be added to the window.
header: boolean Default to true. Defines if the Header must be shown when only this window is displayed.
icon.imgUri: string A string that is injected into an img HTML element as a src. This image will be displayed while selecting the window on the window selector.
modelTypes: Array<string> The model types handled by this window. Model types are "IFC", "DWG", "PDF", "JPEG", "PNG", "METABUILDING" and "POINT_CLOUD".
multiModel: boolean Default to true. Defines if the window can handle more than one model at a time.
noModel: boolean Default to false. Defines if the window handle models.
logoAndVersion: boolean Default to false. Defines if the BIMData logo and version are shown on the bottom left corner when only this window is displayed.
defaultWindow: boolean Default to false. Defines this window as the viewer default window. The default window is displayed when no window are loaded on a localContext.
displayedInWindowSelector: boolean Default to true. Defines if this window is shown on the window selector plugin. (the UI list of all available window )