# Header

The header API is available on the globalContext and allows to add content on the viewer header. The API is the following:

Property Description
addContent(content: HeaderContent) Add content into the header.
removeContent(contentName: string) Remove a content by its name.
headerContent: Map<string, HeaderContent> A map containing the header content objects.

The HeaderContent interface is the following:

Property Description
name: string Required A name to identify the content.
component: Object A Vue.js 3.x component to be rendered on the viewer header.
position: "left" or "right" The position of the content on the viewer header.
order: number A number for sorting the content along other contents displayed on the same side on the viewer header.

Here is an example of a plugin using the startupScript option to register content into the viewer header:

  name: "headerPlugin",
  startupScript($viewer) {
    const { globalContext } = $viewer;
      name: "window-manager",
      component: MyComponent,
      position: "right",
      order: 1,