# Getting started

# Introduction

The BIMData Viewer is a tool for interacting with models of different formats like :

  • IFC
  • Image (PDF, PNG, JPG)
  • DWG
  • DXF
  • Point Cloud (PLY, LAS, LAZ).

Each model format is handled by its own native built-in viewer and interactions include display, navigation, measurement and annotation.

The BIMData Viewer is binded to the BIMData API and you can directly upload models using it or using the BIMData platform (opens new window).

The UI can be customized to organize the workspace as you need and a flexible javascript API using Vue.js 3 (opens new window) allows to create custom plugins to match your business perfectly. However, you don't need to master Vue.js to develop a plugin and you can still update the DOM with jQuery if you like!

# Installation

You can directly download the BIMDataViewer from a CDN or you can install the @bimdata/viewer package (opens new window) using NPM.