# Global components

Global components are available to allows quick integration (no import needed):

  • BIMDataModelLoader
  • BIMDataNoModelWindowPlaceHolder
  • BIMDataStoreySelector

These components are already binded to their corresponding localContext and can be used to update/display the local state. (selected storey, loaded models...)

  <div class="myComponentTemplate">
    <BIMDataNoModelWindowPlaceHolder v-if="$viewer.localContext.loadedModels.length === 0" />
    <BIMDataModelLoader />

Have a look at this demo example to see how they can be used.

# ModelsLoader

# On viewers

By default, the BIMDataModelLoader component is available on viewers (3d, 2d, plan, ...). It allows to load/unload models.

It is possible to hide it or disable it.

The BIMDataModelLoader has the following interface:

Props Description
preview: boolean Default to false. If true, hovering a model on the list display its preview.
windowPositioning: boolean Default to true. If false, it is displayed as a block.
width: string Default to "350px".
customFilter: Function An optional function to filter the models.