# Global components

# ModelsLoader

# On viewers

By default, the ModelsLoader component is available on viewers (3d, 2d, plan, ...). Is allows to load/unload models.

It is possible to hide it or disable it.

# Global

The ModelsLoader & the NoModelWindowPlaceHolder components are also globally registered on the viewer and can be used like the globally registered BIMData design system.

  <div class="myComponentTemplate">
    <NoModelWindowPlaceHolder v-if="noModelLoaded" />

These two components are already stylized so they render at the center of the window. (full size for the NoModelWindowPlaceHolder)

The ModelsLoader has the following interface:

Property Description
Event handlers
load-models(models) Trigger when the user click on an unloaded model.
unload-models(models) Trigger when the user click on an loaded model.
multi: boolean If false, radio buttons are displayed instead of checkboxes and only one model can be loaded at a time.
types: ["IFC", "POINT_CLOUD", "PDF", "METABUILDING", "DWG", "DXF"] Used to filter the models displayed on the list.
customFilter: Function An optional function to filter the models.