# Global Context

The globalContext shares a Context interface with the localContext. Here is the full GlobalContext interface:

interface Context {
  readonly hub: EventHandler;

  registerShortcut(shortcut: Shortcut, context: GlobalContext | LocalContext): boolean;
  unregisterShortcut(name: string, context: GlobalContext | LocalContext): boolean;

  readonly loading: boolean;
  loadingProcessStart(): void;
  loadingProcessEnd(): void;
  spinner: { component: Object, props: Object }; // a custom spinner replacing the default BIMDataSpinner

  modals: {
    pushModal(component: any, props?: any, options?: any): void;
    clearModal(): void;

  el: HTMLElement;
interface GlobalContext extends Context {
  resizable: boolean;
    ratio: number;
    direction?: "column" | "row"; // defaults to "row"
    insertAfter?: boolean;        // defaults to true
    windowName?: string;
    windowState?: { modelIds: number[]; viewpoint: Object; storey: string; };
    localContextId?: number;
  }): Promise<number>;
  close(localContextId: number): Promise<boolean>;
  swap(localContextIdA: number, localContextIdB: number): Promise<void>;

  header: ViewerHeader;

  readonly activeLocalContext?: LocalContext;
  readonly localContexts: LocalContext[];
  getLocalContexts(windowName: string): LocalContext[];

  readonly pluginInstances: Map<string, PluginInstance[]>;
  readonly plugins: Map<string, PluginComponentInstance[]>;

  getViewers(): ModelViewerInstance[];

# Global Context API

Name Description
resizable If true, the user can resize the windows by dragging the window separators.
activeLocalContext The currently active local context (the one associated to the window that is currently hovered by the cursor).
localContexts List of all local contexts.
pluginInstances A map of all plugin instances, map keys are plugin names and values are list of instances.
plugins A map of all plugin component instances
open(options: any) (async) Split the given context with the specified options (ratio, direction, window, etc...).
close(id: number) (async) Close the given context.
swap(id1: number, id2: number) (async) Swap the given contexts.
getLocalContexts(name: string) Returns local contexts that are associated with a given window.
getViewers() Returns all viewer plugins instances.

# Events

The table below describe global context specific events:

Name Payload Description
window-open the opened window object Sent when a window is selected on the window selector.
window-close the closed window object Sent when a window is closed.

Additionally a set of local context events are also emitted on global context.