# mount

Once created, the BIMDataViewer must be mounted to a DOM (opens new window) element in order to be displayed to the user.

bimdataViewer.mount("#viewerId"); // 'viewerId' must be the id of an existing element.

The mount method take an optional second argument: the layout. The layout is the configuration of the windows displayed at startup. The default value is "3d", which is the name of a window registered by default. The "3d" window includes many BIMData plugins like "viewer3d", "section", "projection", "structure-properties"...

# Layout

The layout object can be either a string or an object.

  • If string, it must be the name of a registered window.
  • If object, the layout is a recursive object representing a container of window names.

# Container

Name Type Description
ratios number[] Required. The amount of space taken by respective children.
children (string|object)[] Required. An array of window names as string or other containers as object.
direction string "column" or "row"(default). The direction of the container.