# Migration Guide from 0.x to 1.x

This is the first major BIMData Viewer update. Thanks to your feebacks, we have improved the API. It is now more intuitive, more powerful and there are many new features. This guide will only show you how to upgrade your plugins. If you want to see the new feature in detail, see the viewer documentation.

Major features:

# Viewer instance

# ES Module

# Script tag

# Refresh access token

# Change language

# Plugin configuration file

# Plugin API

# Object change


Version 0.x used objects uuids as id. To handle identical uuids (eg: in model versioning), objects in version 1.x now have a unique id added by the viewer. It is still possible to access uuid using object.uuid. All viewer methods used id and not uuid. Be carefull to correctly link the two properties.


There are uuids utilities. See the state reference.

# Setters

# Getters

# BIMData API Client

# Structure helpers

# Model Loading

# Error message

# Modals